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Albert Capellas

Albert Capellas is a football coach with over 30 years of experience training and playing possession football. He was inspired through his many years of experience coaching at FC Barcelona and also through working in countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark etc.

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Possession football is a way of understanding football, a style of play where we seek to have possession of the ball for as much time as possible. We understand that through this we can increase our chances of winning as we control the tempo of the match. It is important to understand that possession football is not simply maintaining possession of the ball, as statistics show that simply having possession of the ball does not make a real impact on our chances of winning. Other statistics such as winning duels, miles runs and number of shots increase our chances of winning more than simply having the ball.

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Tactic Pro

Possession Football relies on Tactic Pro to carry out its football video analysis.
In our opinion, it is the best and easiest tool to make this type of videos.

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