Albert Capellas is a football coach with over 30 years of experience training and playing Possession Football.
He was inspired through his many years of experience coaching at FC Barcelona and also through working in countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark etc.
He is passionate about improving players and is a true student of the game who seeks to share his knowledge with others working in football through international lectures, training camps and now through this online platform.
His knowledge comes from studying in-depth the philosophies of Johan Cruyff, Pep Guardiola, Peter Bosz, and Paco Seruil┬Ělo having had the opportunity to meet them and work directly with some of them.
His passion is helping coaches and players understand the game better and link training sessions with the style of football they want to play.
He has worked up from youth football to achieving his dream of coaching at the highest level in the Champions League.
Albert Capellas has worked on this online platform for several years and is overjoyed his passion project has become a reality.