Rondos 4vs2 01
High valuable drill
Drill details:
  • Min. number of players:
  • Football variant:
    F7-Aside to F11-Aside
  • Age:
    youth, senior
  • Youth age:
    U8 ⟷ U21
  • Level of difficulty:
  • Level of difficulty for children:
  • Game area:
    10x10m or 32x32ft
  • Time:
    3 rounds of 4’
  • Rest time between series:
Materials needed
  • Bibs:
    2 Bibs are optional
  • Balls:
  • Flat cones:

In a square space of 10×10 metres, we have 4 players on the outside lines of the square and two players inside. The objective of the drill is that the...

Passes should be quick and firm.
Play with the outside foot or the one closest to the teammate you´re passing to in order to bring in the...

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