1-3-4-3 Rhombus


  • Starting position: 1-3-4-3 with the 4 midfielders in rhombus, the center forward in depth and the wingers open and also in depth to generate width and depth.
  • Triangles: we...

Transition Attack Defense

  • When we are attacking, we always have to be well positioned on the field to be able to recover the ball as soon as possible if we lose it.
  • ...


  • We normally organize the team in zone defense, positioning the team based on the position of the ball.
  • We try to prevent the rival team from filtering passes between...

Transition Defense Attack

  • When we recover the ball, the first option is to play easy and safe with the first player we see free in front of us.
  • The player who recovers...

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1-3-4-3 Rhombus
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