Dribbling Star 02
Drill details:
  • Min. number of players:
  • Recommended number of players:
  • Football variant:
    F7-Aside, F11-Aside
  • Age:
    youth, senior
  • Youth age:
    U6 ⟷ U21
  • Level of difficulty:
  • Game area:
    15m x 15m or 49ft x 49ft
  • Time:
    4 rounds of 5'
  • Rest time between series:
Materials needed
  • Bibs:
  • Balls:
  • Flat markers:
  • The aim of the drill is to work on dribbling with the possibility of a defender trying to steal the ball from me.
  • The idea is that the players...

Step 1:
The defending player focuses his attention on a player with the ball to steal it in a 1v1 duel.

Step 2:
Dribble with the outside of...

  • These kinds of drills help to improve both individual technique and peripheral vision, that is, the ability to dribble and, at the same time, see what is happening around...

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