Technical game control shoot 03
Drill details:
  • Min. number of players:
  • Recommended number of players:
  • Football variant:
    F7-Aside, F11-Aside
  • Age:
    youth, senior
  • Youth age:
    U6 ⟷ U21
  • Level of difficulty:
  • Game area:
    20x20m or 66x66ft
    Interior rectangle 3x3m or 9x9ft
  • Time:
    4 sets of 3'
  • Rest time between series:
Materials needed
  • Mini goals:
  • Balls:
  • Flat markers:
  • The objective of the exercise is to work on the oriented control.
  • In a quadrangular playing space, we have three mini-goals and an interior square as shown in the...

Step 1:
Do not just stand still before receiving the ball, active feet.

Step 2:
The firm pass along the ground facilitates the oriented control of the partner.

  • It is very important that the player who passes the ball makes the pass along the ground and firm, since this facilitates the action of the control of the...

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